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I'M BACK is the brand new device that allows analogue cameras a return to service, giving them the ability to shoot photos and videos.

It works by placing a focusing screen where you would normally put a film roll, allowing the image to be created on your newly attached sensor. The image is then saved onto an SD card and can be viewed on the LCD display or your attached smartphone.

A number of old cameras are compatible, including the Nikon F series, Minolta Maxxum 7000, Olympus om10, Pentax cameras, and Praktica B200.

But if you want to know if another camera is compatible, check to see if your camera has a tripod hole, a Bulb setting, Sync Flash compatibility, and the ability to continue functioning with the back door open.

If you want to experience a "Back to the Future" moment with this cool device....follow the link HERE.