The Guild has spent a lot of time researching who would make the best partners for the Guild (our school, insurers, legal team & accountant as examples). Our decisions were not based simply on the 'deals' they could offer but the quality of service they would deliver & whilst it may sound conceited the feedback indicates we chose wisely...we certainally believe we did! One thing we have pondered long and hard over is the choice of a printing lab or labs to link in with as we all know how important it is to get your that right. We've visited, tested & even discussed service with some and are now in a position to introduce an approved lab within the UK - 'One Vision Imaging'. Their moto is 'Visibly Better' and clearly they live up to that reputation.  They are one of the largest professional photographic labs to be found in the UK and they have been servicing professional photographers with the very highest standards of processing and finishing for well over 30 years! Not only do they offer the most comprehensive professional photographic services to be found anywhere in Europe but they pledge to ensure that their service is an unrivalled experience and that this is matched by their quality of product and product range, which ties in perfectly with the Guild's approach. To celebrate their linkage with us One Vision Imaging are offering members a special discount off theit Finished Products range.