You simply must look at these! The Rogue Flashbender is an exciting new product has joined the UK camera accessory market. It is a unique system of flexible light modifiers and is a must-have product for photographers working with shoe mount flash.

The system uses built in positionable rods which allow FlashBenders to be moulded and held firmly in place so that light can be directed to exactly where it's needed, delivering a unique level of control and creativity.

Constructed from tough Cordura nylon, FlashBenders fit quickly and easily to a wide range of shoe mount flash units using the integrated Velcro fastening strap, and when not in use the FlashBender will fold flat and fit easily into a camera bag.

The white reflective surfaces are made from a durable, wipeable, synthetic fabric which has been tested for neutrality so that it won't alter the colour temperature of the light.

There are three models of FlashBender available, the large reflector measures 25x 28cm, the small 25x 18cm and the bounce card/flag, which includes a black fabric attachment so that light can be blocked rather than reflected, measures 13x23cm.

They are very easy to use, you can bend them into almost any position, and they will stay there until you reposition them. The reflector can be a simple bounce reflector for one shot and then used as a snoot for the next. They are a leap forward in terms of versatility and convenience for anyone shooting with shoe mount flash.

Rogue FlashBenders are available from all good photographic retailers immediately.

More information is available on the Expo Imaging website