Graphistudio Launch NEW HD Papers with the Canon Dreamlabo-

This is the only lab printer that will print the whole of the Adobe RGB colour profile, a whole new benchmark for Professional Photographers.....

Photographic printing was the standard that all others were measured against. Offset, Dysub, digital offset and early inkjets all inevitably fell short of the quality Silver Halide papers.

Soon digital offset papers brought capability not thought possible in the world of photography but the biggest issue was that as camera chips got bigger and faster photographic printers could not keep up. Some manage up to 80% of SRGB but fall short of the much bigger Adobe RGB colour profile. So frustratingly, you can have a camera file that has so much more data in it that the eye can see but photolabs have printers that just can't print it.

No longer is this the case. Inkjets have massively improved and their capability is bringing you some incredible machines that you can now even print in your own studio, but they do take time and effort and very few users would attempt a full album.

Graphistudio, seeking the highest possible quality and true innovation for their clients, has co-operated with Canon to enable stunning prints from Dreamlabo to use with their in house unique binding machines (which give the pro a lifetime warranty on binding).

Check out the Metallic, True Fine Art, Lustre, Glossy and Deep Matte papers and see not just the whole of the SRGB colour gamut, but also that of the ADOBE RGB profile as well. Combine these incredible prints with Graphistudio's unique binding systems and the result is a breathtaking step forward for the professional photographer.

Jeremy Price from Graphistudio comments: 'Whilst Dreamlabo's are available for all labs to buy, it is Graphistudio who have mastered the way to make them work in all our books.

As a Professional only supplier, we are giving you a product that your customer cannot get direct from labs or retailers that work with the public. So if you want to have not only the biggest range of covers, print options, ennoblement capabilities but also now the new benchmark for quality printing then make sure you choose Graphistudio as your album supplier."

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