Gavin is not only a super person to know, he is incredibly talented too.

Gavin specialises in all genres including weddings, newborns, portraits and commercial. In his own words he has a passion for using black and white film. "With a colour image I feel you can sometimes be distracted by the different sensations on the eye whereas with black and white your focus is purely on the subject of the image". Gavin lives on the East Yorkshire coast and loves to spend time capturing his surroundings, be it the landscape surrounding him, the beach or even the people! Gavin featured in a first edition of a prestigious photographic magazine, and the article , complete with images elevated him to being a well renowned photographer.

As a Guild Member and Panel Member he holds the high accolade of many titles including, Master Craftsman Professional, and he is always on hand to offer help to others through the main and regional Facebook pages!

His appointment as Ambassador to Loxley Colour is well deserved and we are thrilled to be part of their journey and his.......

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