After visiting various shows, our trade partner Folio Albums processed all of the recurring questions they were asked whilst there. The most common conversations discussed was how to sell albums.

With that in mind they have created an 'Album Sales Kit', a downloadable kit designed to be as simple as possible - without telling you how to run your business and what you should or should not sell. Instead they have created some templates free for you to use as you please, whether you chop or change them or use as they are.

What's included in the pack?

  • Template emails - prewritten for each stage of the process
  • Client brochure - with and without suggested prices
  • Client order form - simple pdf your client can complete and return to you

Folio albums have also left off their branding, allowing you to add your own or they can can of course add it for you should you wish.

These 'ASK' products will be live in their shop from the 21st March 2016 and available throughout the year. There will also be an extra discount of 15% on these albums until the 30th April 2016.