Duracell - The leading company in the market for alkaline batteries has joined forces with Dane - Elec, a manufacturer of memory cards and other memory-based devices. They are releasing USB memory sticks and memory cards, including SDHC and Compact Flash and you should find them available on the High Street in the coming weeks. Their fuctionality appears impressive - the  SDHC Pro Photo Duracell 200X has a minimum reading speed of 30 MB/s and a write speed of 10 MB/s (class 10), whilst the Twice Duracell 8+8 USB key gives you the facility to double your storage capacity (via an online storage service) from any workstation that has an internet connection. Retail prices for the Storage Cards range from £20 - £250 depending on the memory size and speed and the Twice Duracell range is priced around £7 for 4gb & 4gb or £13 for 8gb & 8gb. and £13