TrueDoF, the unique depth of field calculator for the digital photography age, is available now on iPhone and iPod Touch.

TrueDoF is a major step forward in working with depth of field:

  • TrueDoF is the only depth of field calculator that takes the effects of diffraction into account (the blurring caused when light passes through small apertures). TrueDoF will therefore correctly show decreasing depth of field when the f-number gets too large. With TrueDoF, photographers can instantly see what depth of field they're really getting and see what apertures will give the best results.
  • Like its sister app, OptimumCS, TrueDoF is designed for very rapid use - it is specifically intended for photographers who don’t want to fiddle with their tools but, instead, want to get on with the job.
  • It allows the photographer to easily work with a desired output in mind. Depth of field depends not only on focal length, focus distance and aperture, it depends also on the desired output quality. With TrueDoF, you need not go through mental gyrations trying to relate the size of the “circle of confusion” on the image sensor with the final output on print or on a computer screen. Instead, you work directly with the desired output: How big a print do you want? How sharp an image is sufficiently sharp for you? Stick with the default values, set them to your own personally acceptable default values, or vary these quantities as the need arises. Whatever you choose, it’s all intuitive, simple and fast.

(For photographers who would like to start by specifying the distances to the nearest and furthest objects that they wish to appear sharp in their photograph and, from that, determine the camera settings (focus distance and aperture) that will give the sharpest possible image, OptimumCS, the unique Optimum Camera Settings calculator, also available on the App Store, is the right tool)

TrueDoF is available now from Apple’s App Store. For further information, see the developer’s website,