DeluxGear, LLC, have announced the new Lens GuardTM, a padded cover that fits snuggly over the end of the lens to protect lenses and filters and help avoid costly trips to the repair shop. Its cushiony, water-resistant inner core is made of 0.25in (6mm) thick closed-cell neoprene (diving suit material) and is encased in a tough 0.08in (2mm) santoprene outer cover.

This powerful combination absorbs impact and prevents scrapes, scratches, dents and cracks to lenses. It is like the bumper of a car, providing more protection than lens caps, filters, and hoods. It is lightweight, too, with the largest Lens Guard just 2.4 ounces.

The Lens Guard can be used with or without filters or lens caps. It is available for both the lens front and rear in three sizes that will fit a wide range of lenses from 2.5in to 4in in diameter. A built in tether connects the Lens Guard to your lens, camera strap or camera body.

The Lens Guards are shipped worldwide from the States hence the retail prices are in $'s. The price for one Lens Guard is $14.99 whereas a pack of two is $24.99.

For more information please visit the DeluxGear website.