Datacolor and FUJIFILM Imaging Products & Solutions GmbH: Save 50% on a FUJIFILM Photo Service pro photo product of your choice when you purchase a participating Spyder product

Datacolor®, a global leader in colour management solutions, and FUJIFILM Imaging Products & Solutions GmbH, today announced their working partnership. Customers who purchase a qualified Datacolor Spyder product will receive a 50% discount on a FUJIFILM Fotoservice pro product of their choice.

The offer is valid up to December 31st 2019 (inclusive), with a purchase of the Spyder product in retail or online stores. The purchase of the following products entitles you to redeem the discount:

• Spyder5EXPRESS

• Spyder5PRO

• Spyder5ELITE

• Spyder5STUDIO


• SpyderCHECKR

Stefan Zrenner, Director Global Sales & Marketing Imaging at Datacolor said: "I'm very pleased that we are working with FUJIFILM to offer this discount to our customers. The variety of premium printed products is greater than ever. Whether that's photobooks, panormaformats on acrylic glass, aluminum dibond or canvas, our colour management solutions are a perfect match for FUJIFILM's professional print products". The FUJIFILM Fotoservice pro offers reliable colour management and innovative printing technologies.

By perfectly synchronising the colour characteristics of your digital camera, your monitor and the output devices in the laboratory will work collaboratively with each other.

Premium print products are in demand, but can be expensive. With the aid of colour management, premium print products need a calibrated monitor to achieve perfect accuracy which is both affordable and easy-to-use. Manfred Rau, Head of Marketing FUJIFILM Imaging Products & Solutions, added: "We look forward to working with Datacolor as our products perfectly complement each other. FUJIFILM Fotoservice pro offers customers precise laboratory development, reliable colour management, ease of use, quality papers and innovative print technologies.

This is exactly what distinguishes premium print products today". For further information about the offer, take a look on their WEBSITE