Europe's leading independent colour management and digital imaging specialist, Color Confidence, have released the new NEC SpectraView Reference 241 and 271 widescreen LCD monitors, which offer exceptional colour accuracy when working with digital images and a range of professional features, that ensure the image you captured is the image you see - ideal for photographers.

They boast a range of features and advanced functionality for maximum image quality and stability including .. 

  • You can view your image with confidence from any angle with the powerful 10-bit P-IPS wide format display
  • They have a 3D Look Up Table (LUT) for precise colour space emulation and excellent colour mixture across the entire screen
  • A Picture-in-Picture feature allows you to work on two images simultaneously
  • The built-in SpectraView profiler software provides quick, easy, accurate calibration; communicating directly with the monitor, meaning no data is lost and colours appear more true to life
  • They come complete with monitor hood to shield unwanted light in creating a colour accurate working environment

The 241 model retails for around £1000 & the 271 model for around £1300 (plus VAT). For more details see the Color Confidence website.