INSURANCE experts are urging wedding photographers to get adequate insurance as 'Brides' dispute the quality of their wedding photographs and sue for damages. Insurers have noticed an increase in the number of cases it is dealing with relating to couples unhappy with their wedding photography. Insurance specialist, Peter Stevenson from InFocus Photography Insurance, (the Guild's preferred supplier said: “Wedding photography can be extremely costly with many couples paying more than £1,000 on top of the tens of thousands of pounds spent on all the other wedding arrangements.  It’s only right that the bride and groom expect high quality images.  However, in some cases, the bride simply does not like the way she looks and therefore disputes the cost of the photography." “If this happens, insurance is vital so that you can have your images independently audited by an association like the Guild to see if they hit the mark of a professional photographer.  If not, you may need a good policy to cover all the costs of a legal dispute. Well worded contracts like what the Guild issues free to its members can prove vital should any disputes ensue but unfortunately even they give the photographer virtually no protection against legal defence costs or damages should a bride dispute the professional quality of the pictures. “Without adequate insurance lawyers can target home and property assets to fund legal costs and court awards so it is imperative photographers check their cover"