This partnership sets a new standard in the Photoprint market and is destined to revolutionise the quality of professional photographic printing worldwide.

Canon, worldwide leader in imaging solutions, has announced a strategic agreement with Graphistudio to spread a new qualitative standard for professional photographic printing. Graphistudio's facility in Arba will become the operational headquarters of Research and Development for innovative projects of photographic printing that involves Canon inkjet technology.

"We are in front of an unprecedented generational leap for the world of digital photographic printing" - said Tullio Tramontina, President and CEO of Graphistudio after the international delegation of Canon Inc and Canon Europe visited the headquarters of the Italian Company - "Together with Canon we will help our market take a huge quality leap, something which can be compared to the change from cathode ray tube to HD screens. Potentially chemical printing processes on photographic paper will become redundant."

The adoption of Dreamlab technology will ensure professional printers new opportunities of growth, thanks to the extremely high printing quality and the expansion of possible applications. The evolution from chemical printing to inkjet allows a printer to completely eliminate the costs relating to the disposal of toxic residual materials and gives considerable benefits for environmental sustainability.

Massimiliano Ceravolo, Director of the Professional Imaging Group stated "Canon has always been the main driving force behind the changes taking place in the imaging world. It is sufficient to mention the 25 years of successes of the EOS system, or the target of 100 million lenses sold or all those products and solutions which have revolutionized and improved the photographic and cinematographic worlds. The current technological quality of sensors and opticals has reached such a standard that it challenges us to rethink the ways of reproducing photographic works. Thanks to the extraordinary technology of Canon Dreamlab and to the strategic partnership with Graphistudio, we are ready to let professional photographers fully live the new era of the Photoprint.

An influential Canon delegation had the chance to carefully explore Graphistudio's production process, acknowledging its huge added value and the innate skills of the Italian staff in creating innovative typologies of product starting from cutting edge technologies. Massimiliano Ceravolo went to to say that "Canon changed the history of digital photography and in the last few years it has contributed to revolutionize the procedures of video shooting in both the broadcast and cinematographic worlds: now it is the time for photographic printing. Relaunching a market such as that of photographic printing, in which it is more and more complex to operate, passes also through such an important partnership, which promises to invert the trend, and give back to professionals a key role with huge opportunities for the whole market."