Infocus Photography

Thefts of photography equipment from cars and commercial vehicles are on the increase, say specialist insurers Infocus.

Infocus are one of the leading insurers for professional and semi-professional photographers and video-makers, in the UK.

Director Peter Stevenson said: "Looking at the figures for the past five years, over 50% of all claims have happened within the last 12 months.

"We have also seen a sharp rise in claim value from an average of £2,016 throughout 2011 to 2015, to an average of £9,500 last year."

Infocus say most claims they have seen are from liveried vehicles left unattended especially overnight

Peter added: "I would urge people to check the terms of their insurance cover in relation to thefts from unattended vehicles. It is important to understand when the insurance cover might be inoperative and goods are uninsured."

Infocus insurance (one of our Trade Partners), were recently given a special recognition award from the Guild of Photographers, to recognise 40 years of expertise and commitment to improving the industry.

Infocus offers competitive policies for photographers working across all industries. All schemes have been developed with professional photographers to ensure the real risks they face are protected.

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