Bowens have announced their latest radio trigger - It might be small but it's powerful! Robert Cook, Bowens marketing director said: "This new radio trigger system eliminates the need for sync cords – so that’s one less wire for clients and colleagues to trip over. The new unit incorporates an industry standard ISO 518 hotshoe mount, guaranteeing compatibility with the widest range of cameras but with a unique new ‘click-lock’ system. This innovation allows photographers to simply click and lock the Pulsar in place without the need for further tightening via a thumbscrew. The ‘click-lock’ holds the trigger in place whether the camera is being used in landscape or portrait position – and there’s no loss of connection, as with some heavier triggers of the past. The Tx is controlled by just two simple push buttons allowing full control over the 24 radio zones and the test flash function. And this trigger boasts a ‘shooting range’ of at least 25 metres, weighs in at just 34g and runs from a single, small CR2032 battery." The new power management system built-in to the Tx is designed to extend battery life by making sure the unit is always in low-power mode until the user triggers the camera or decides to change a setting. The ultra-compact Tx, priced at £79.99, will be available from the end of June and Bowens will also offer a special Tx ‘Bundle pack’ comprising the Pulsar Tx unit and Pulsar Rx Card at £139.99.