Filters play a major part in photography as they often allow the photographer to "get it right in camera" first time, and we all want that!

Quite simply, the aim of a filter on your camera is to achieve an effect that you require at the moment of image capture, they work on many levels, such as reducing reflections on water, and removing unwanted light wavelengths such as UV or Infrared......

Made of glass or resin, and most commonly are the round filters that screw directly to your camera.

Benro's system have a whole range of filters and filter holders, the latter coming in different sizes: 100mm, 150mm and 170mm.

Available as square (sizes as above), and circular which are designed to attach directly to the lens, or can attach to a filter holder system to be used alongside the square filters.

Filter holders - The Benro 100mm system will work with the majority of lens mounts. The larger sized filter systems are designed for true wide angle lenses.

There is so much to learn about the different filters and what they can actually do for you as a photographer, but why not take a look at Benro's website and get all the information you need about the filter systems and a easy to understand definitions of all the filters' uses.

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