Slow Speeds at The Sea

20 June 2019 | Katrina Clowes
At the coast use a slow shutter speed to blur the waves or a fast speed to freeze them.  If you go for the fast approach wait until the wave is at a peak and shoot. Slow speeds are great for creating lava-style flows of water as waves break on the beach.  One of many fantastic tips that Ephotozine offer, this one Read more →

Datacolor Launches SpyderX Tool Kits for Digital Photographers

18 June 2019 | Nik Proctor
  Datacolor®, a global leader in colour management solutions, announced the launch of two new product bundles for photographers to manage their colour workflow: SpyderX Capture Pro... Read more →

Meike MK-Z7G metal hand grip for Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras

12 June 2019 | Katrina Clowes
MK-Z7G is a metal handheld handle adaptable to Nikon Z7 camera base, it can be fixed to the camera bottom to increase the bottom weight for... Read more →

50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Events to mark this historic occasion

10 June 2019 | Katrina Clowes
20th July 1969 sees the Anniversary of the first man on the moon, and to mark the occasion, there are several exhibitions taking place over the... Read more →

Rainbow Trail Captured form Plane In Germany

Amazing Phenomenon

10 June 2019 | Katrina Clowes
A passenger plane has been photographed brightening the skies over Germany as it leaves behind a rainbow-coloured trail. The trail is an aerodynamic contrail - short for condensation trail - as opposed to the more common jet... Read more →


07 June 2019 | Nik Proctor
SIM IMAGING have announced a 'the more you buy, the more you save' deal which will last until the end of August 2019. Savings available up Read more →

Profoto's B10 now has a big brother...

05 June 2019 | Nik Proctor
Guild Trade Partner PROFOTO have a new additional to the the B10Plus It’s the photographer’s dilemma; take too much gear on location, and you’re weighed down... Read more →