27 February 2019 | Nik Proctor
HAPPY 435TH BIRTHDAY HAHNEMUHLEThanks to a deed that has been preserved through the centuries, we can trace the beginnings with certainty: on 27 February 1584, the Duke of Brunswick authorised the operation of a paper mill at Relliehausen in the Solling hills. Papermaker Merten Spieß, beneficiary of the ducal authorisation, set to work and wrote the first chapter of a Read more →

Sony Announce next generation a6400 Mirrorless Camera

Real-time Eye Autofocus, Real-time Tracking and World’s Fastest Autofocus

26 February 2019 | Katrina Clowes
Following a Press Release in January, Sony announce their New APS-C mirrorless cameraThe α6400 brings many of Sony's most advanced technologies from their acclaimed full-frame line-up... Read more →

Panasonic Launches New S Series Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Lumix S1R

Press Release this month

26 February 2019 | Katrina Clowes
Panasonic is proud to introduce the full specifications of its long-awaited first full-frame Digital Single Lens Mirrorless cameras, the LUMIX S1R and S1, with a 35mm... Read more →

​"New materials now available at nPhoto - Earthy tones & Brights"

26 February 2019 | Nik Proctor
Guild Trade Partner nphoto deliver new products to UK Pro Photographers. nPhoto finally announced that new shades that they have been lately introducing during trade... Read more →

Fujifilm releases new mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM X-T30

25 February 2019 | Katrina Clowes
FUJIFILM Corporation announce the launch of the FUJIFILM X-T30 mirrorless digital camera (X-T30) in late March 2019, the latest model to join the X Series, known... Read more →

Canon Introduces Its Second Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera — The EOS RP

21 February 2019 | Katrina Clowes
New Super-Compact and Ultra-Lightweight EOS RP is Ideal for Users Looking to Graduate to Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera at an Affordable PriceA small, light and practical full... Read more →

The first colour photographs of England

11 February 2019 | Katrina Clowes
One of a series of Photographs taken during the 1890s that have been enhanced in colour.The images have been created using the Photochrom technique, pioneered... Read more →