09 November 2016 | Katrina Clowes
Leica Camera has announced the Leica TL. Building on the Leica T camera system, which has been continually enhanced in terms of speed, handling and flexibility... Read more →

The NEW MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is now discounted in the Guild's Apple Store

02 November 2016 | Katrina Clowes
The Guild is delighted that the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is now in the Guild's Apple store, and with all products in there,... Read more →

Fine Photographica Auction - 3rd November 2016

28 October 2016 | Katrina Clowes
There is a Fine Photographica Auction taking place on 3 November 2016 at The Saleroom. Some very rare equipment is on offer so for all you Read more →

Shuttertax become NEW Guild Trade Partner

Members get a 10% discount too!

20 October 2016 | Nik Proctor
"We'll take a genuine interest in your business because we are genuinely interested"Do you deal with a Company that fully understands you as a person? A... Read more →

Profoto D2 - The world's fastest monolight with TTL

12 October 2016 | Steve Thirsk
A photographer faces many different challenges every day. It's with that in mind that Profoto have created the D2. It's a breakthrough, because it's the WORLD'S... Read more →

Do Google’s Actions Threaten Creatives Livelihoods?

03 October 2016 | Steve Thirsk
As you may know, in April of this year, Getty Images filed a competition law complaint against Google in the European Union in a bid to... Read more →

"I always feel like...somebody's watchin me"

01 September 2016 | Nik Proctor
The Guild of Photographers KNOWS how funny and witty its members can be, we see plenty of examples of this on our Facebook Page on a... Read more →

Camera Focus Support Services become NEW Guild Trade Partner

31 August 2016 | Nik Proctor
Once, every now and then a business is created that once used, all customers now wonder how they ever managed without it.Camera Focus Support Services (CFSS)... Read more →

What lighting tool would you choose?

31 August 2016 | Steve Thirsk
In order to capture the feeling you are after, you need to be able to control and shape light. As the Light Shaping Company, Profoto offers... Read more →

A FREE Business Plan from our friends at Zenfolio

31 August 2016 | Steve Thirsk
Ask any professional photographer about running a successful photography business, and they are likely tell you that it's more about business than photography. No matter how... Read more →