Literally any day now Apple are expected to release Mac OS X Lion as it's scheduled for release during July. It has over 250 new features and challenges the way you conventionally use a computerso  it's an exciting prospect. But be careful when upgrading. With their last release, OS X Snow Leopard, many users were caught out with installed "non-Mac" applications not working with the new system and had no option but to uninstall Snow Leopard while they waited for suppliers of other software to "catch up" and adjust their products accordingly. This situation could occur again. One supplier, Light Blue, have just announced that they have done some preliminary tests with the development releases of Lion, and identified an issue with a plugin which they use that will cause Light Blue photography business software to fail to launch when run on Lion. They say "We're working with the manufacturers of that plugin to get a release of Light Blue which will be compatible with Lion, but they tell us that they will not be able to give us that plugin until they have tested it with the release version of Lion. Therefore, we regret to announce that Light Blue will not be immediately compatible with Mac OS X Lion.  Light Blue are therefore strongly urging anyone contemplating upgrading as soon as Lion is released to wait until they have released a fully compatible version of Light Blue.  The upgrade to Lion will only cost S29.99 and is a very exciting prospect but this situation clearly could occur with other products to so if you are contemplating an immediate upgrade it will be worth checking with the supplier of any non-Mac products important to you that they will work on Lion.    For more information about the advancements within Lion see