Andy Robinson has passed the Guild's Wedding Craftsman qualification with a strong submission. Andy works in Devon and the other part of his business is a photographic equipment shop - J&A Cameras, where he's been since 1986. There can't be many such shops across the UK with a Craftsman giving advice! On hearing the news he said "Since joining the Guild, I have found it a constant and challenging source of inspiration, both in photography and in its ethos. Professional photography is in essence a relatively solitary occupation and as such the warmth of welcome that the Guild has offered, and the obvious camaraderie and support that it engenders is to be applauded. One is alone, but never on your own!"   Andy achieved Qualified status last year, and he says that "The self confidence gained from that has been fundamental in his progression to Craftsman status, so has benefitted both myself and my clients." Andy would urge anyone considering the Guilds qualifications to "Have a go immediately!! It's a fun project to analyse one's own work and in the case of the Qualified award, it doesn't cost anything! I'm so glad that I did!!" Some examples of Andy's work are below but to see more vist [gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"]