The L16 combines breakthrough optics design with never-before-seen imaging technology to bring you, what its manufacturers claim, is the camera of the future.

With more than 16 camera modules packed into its slim frame, the L16 captures the details of your scene at multiple focal lengths, then uses sophisticated algorithms to combine multiple exposures into a single 52 megapixel extraordinarily high-quality high-resolution photo.

It even has software that improves over time - The L16 is built on a software platform much like your smartphone. With every wireless update they deliver, your camera will get better, faster, and more powerful.

Further, this camera is small - The compact L16 is light enough to leave your camera bag behind and small enough to slide right into your back pocket, so that you never have to miss a special moment.

Manufactured by Light and retailing for £ this the future? Find out more HERE

"The L16, if it is as good as promised, will be as important for photography as the first 35mm film camera, the Leica 1, was in 1925" - Financial Times