There's a great new alternative way to carry your DSLR around about to be launched....take a look at the Capture Camera Clip System – a new device in the making that lets you clip your DSLR to belts on trousers and backpack straps. Your camera will be very secure as it -
  • Has a locking mechanism that ensures total security
  • Can attach to any strap or belt
  • Is as compact as possible
It is made from die cast aluminium parts & your camera is accessed easily thanks to the built-in quick release system and the twist lock will stop the camera falling off if you press the quick release button unintentionally.  There are future plans to release an attachment that will let you fix your camera to items such as bike handlebars and roof racks in a similar way to the belt. The Camera Clip System will retail for around $70.00 when it's released in July but if you'd like to pre-order a unit and support this inspirational project, you can through Kickstarter