Profoto have recently had their 'Profoto B10 Plus' featured in an exciting shoot shattering the stereotypes of Afro hair, by CreativeSoul Photography.

Have a look at the whole article here!

It includes a few tips for aspiring photographers from Kahran and Regis of CreativeSould Photography, for young photographers taking their first steps in the profession...

  1. Develop your unique style - it’s easy to fall into the trap of following the latest photography trends, but developing our unique style is what has helped our business the most.
  2. Practice with personal work - we are huge advocates of consistently doing personal work as photographers. Our personal projects have often been the ones that propelled our career because we can experiment and try new things. 
  3. Network and collaborate - we love collaborating with other artists, vendors and even photographers. We learn something new from each collaboration, and it makes us better photographers. 
  4. Never stop learning. It’s important for us to continue learning new things - whether it’s new lighting techniques, styles or even business and marketing strategies; it’s essential to our growth.
  5. Step outside the box. Never be afraid to step outside the box and do things your way.  Learn the rules, then experiment with breaking them to develop your style.


More information on the Profoto B10 Plus and other products available on Profoto's website!