On-line sales and proofing galleries have major advantages (They're an easy way to create proofs for clients, they can increase on-line sales & probably most importantly can generate a lot of traffic to your site attracting potential new customers and helping with Search Engine Optimisation). We have conducted some research into the best companies offering this service and are pleased to say we have negotiated the following deal exclusive to Guild members ..

Photomemory, a well established but very personal company offer the above services and have agreed to give Guild members 25% off any service they purchase on top of their 30 day free trial.the equivalent of four free months over the next year meaning the cost averages out at unbelievable £15 per month and with no VAT on top. You can more or less save your Guild membership fee in one go here.

Photomemory has been publishing internet albums for on-line proofing and sales for ten years and by listening to customers requirements they have evolved a simple to use online proofing system where you are completely in control.

The  main benefits of the system are : - 
  Free setup (or seamless integration into your website for only £65). 
  Simple one step upload function with automatic re-sizing.
  Optional Automatic water marking.
  Integrated Slide Show facility.
Sophisticated image viewing with automatic size adjusts to viewers monitor size.
Option to allow clients to enter descriptive narrative with individual images plus optional access security with album based Username/Password .
  E-commerce facilities via Credit Card, Cheque or Paypal.
  There's absolutely no charge no matter how many customer orders you receive.
  Hit Counter showing you how many visitors each album has received.
  Tell a friend facility that allows visitors to easily spread the word.
  Guest Book - Visitors can both view and leave comments.
  Albums available online for up to one year.
  Ability to quickly re-display albums without re-uploading.
  Sell in Sterling, Euros, Dollars or any decimal based currency.
  E-mail notification for each new order.
  Full customer order history available for 1 year.
  Upload as many images as you like into a single event.
  Add new images to an existing Album.
  Ability to have different delivery charges for home and abroad.
  Ability to have different delivery charges on any specific Album.
  Option to show or hide the actual image name to the customer.
  Ability to remove an individual image from an existing Album.
  Early order discount function to help bring in sales.
  Define your own categories - No need to just have Wedding/Portraits & Events.
  Include Example Images of your Products, Albums etc.
  Powerful but very easy to use system administration.
  As much free support as you need.
Photomemory also offer a DIY template driven website system, enabling the customer to produce and maintain their website flexibly and easily without the need for ANY technical website knowledge. This costs £99 per year. The system is simple to use and allows the user to create and amend a website as often as they want without any web design knowledge. 

For more information please visit www.photomemory.net. To get your unique Guild discount of 25% enter 'Guild' as the offer code when ordering. This offer is running until 31 Dec 2010. Also, you can contact John on 0845 8682739 and he'll give you an online demonstration of just how good this system is