Professional photographers worldwide will now be able to order Graphistudio products directly from Fundy Designer software.

A direct link between the designer and the Graphistudio order form allows access an innovative way to place an order; all the extraordinary and exclusive product options will always be shown in a 2D simulator offering a preview of the finished product. A price calculator, clearly visible and easily accessible, will show a detailed break down of the cost of each configuration and customisation created.

The new workflow is made up by 4 phases: design - direct upload of the files (with no log in required for Graphistudio clients) - product configuration - payment. All in one flow, with no time wasting, crystal clear and error free. The highest creative freedom matched with the highest efficiency. At the time of the launch the following Graphistudio products will be available in Fundy Designer: Young Book, GoBook, BabyBook and, shortly, The Original Wedding Book.

Offering an easy and quick way for the professional to manage all the processes which are currently time consuming and expensive. This is the key behind the challenge launched by these two leading companies.

Information about Fundy software Fundy Designer v7, released in 2016, has set a new standard for photographic layout softwares, with the best wedding and portrait photographers capable to make profits through the printed products equal if not higher than those of the photographic service itself. Fundy Designer, the software suite for professional photographers, is the only solution offering a creative freedom to design, sell, proof and print through only single app. Fundy Designer allows photographers to express their artistic vision in a fast, fun and powerful environment. Fundy Designer is available in the Lite, Pro and Studio versions. For a free preview visit www.fundydesigner.com to learn more.

Graphistudio The development Graphistudio enjoyed during the last 30 years has transformed it from Italian national leader to world leader. The internationalization process has not changed Graphistudio's identity though, and the Company has maintained unaltered the values it was built on. Being projected towards international markets, Graphistudio combines the strategic vision and productivity of its Arba, Italy, headquarter with a widespread presence in the rest of the world, London, Marseille and Barcelona. This approach makes it easier to be contacted and to answer clients' requests in a timely manner. Throughout the years the Company has built an extremely competitive position on the markets, while constantly improving the level of customer service. www.graphistudio.com