Guild Magazines

Creative Light & Cameracraft


A large proportion of the magazines are, quite rightly, about the people behind the camera.  Let’s face it, people matter!

Included in both magazines are regular articles to educate and support photographers, and added to this will be an invitation to highly regarded suppliers to keep us updated about cameras, equipment, and other products, as well as demonstrating what can be achieved with them.  (header photo Chris Chambers)

Creative Light Magazine

Guild members receive digital editions of Creative Light Magazine

Creative Light Magazine is free for anyone to read online but members are also able to download it at no extra cost from the Guild members area.  The Guild of Photographers publishes Creative Light, a bi-monthly magazine, edited by Julie Oswin.

Non-members can purchase downloadable versions for £4.95 each.

magazine front cover

ISSUE 61 | MAY/JUNE 2024

10th Anniversary of the Guild's Magazine, Creative Light.  Image shows edition 60 with a basset hound wearing a hat with the words woof


Magazine front cover for Creative Light.

ISSUE 59 | JAN | FEB 2024

Cameracraft Magazine

Members of the Guild receive a subscription to the high-quality, independent published magazine, Cameracraft.

Cameracraft Magazine retails for £52 and is posted out to members at NO ADDITIONAL cost.  

Non-members can purchase downloadable versions for £2.99 each.  Icon Publications Ltd publishes Camercraft, a bi-monthly magazine, edited by Director David Kilpatrick. 

Cameracraft Magazine - May/June2021 issue front cover
Front cover image for Cameracraft Magazine March/April 2021
Camercraft Magazine, front cover with a jelly fish