Those who join the Guild as 'pro' members get an incredible package of business support and cover included. It's so reassuring to know it's there!

It includes all the following -

  • Contract Dispute & Debt recovery assistance*
  • Mediation cover*
  • Loss of earnings protection
  • Tax Investigation protection (worth cĀ£150 alone)
  • 'Crisis cover' (ie direct access to a team of PR experts advice for how to respond to negative publicity or media attention following an event which could cause reputational damage) available 24/7
  • Direct access to a confidential Legal Advice helpline available 24/7*
  • Direct access to a confidential Tax Advice helpline during office hours
  • Compliance and Regulation cover (including Data Protection cover)*
  • Employment Protection
  • Free access to a Business legal services website with over 100 documents that can assist you with day-to-day issues that affect your business*
  • Plus much more including legal costs and expenses cover in the case of identity theft and legal defence against any motoring prosecutions*

All the above are included for UK & Channel Island based 'Pro' members. Those marked * are also included for 'Pro' Members residing in the EU, Norway & Switzerland.

Full details including the numbers to phone if assistance is needed are issued to 'Pro' Members or more details on any aspect of the above can be obtained by contacting our office.