Get Organised in 2023

“The only success and productivity journal designed for photographers by photographers!” – Phox Planner

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to get organised, focused and motivated?

Well, say hello to Phox Planner, and the two ladies behind the journal… Jo & Kate!
What does PHOX stand for??
Phox stands for photographic excellence. The planner is different from a typical planner as it designed specifically for photographers (by photographers!). It brings structure to running a photography business with weekly planning and review sections, a daily schedule and tasks lists specific to photographers. The planner guides you through how to create a system of habits that we know work to maintain a successful business.
We have always been as passionate about organisation and planning as we are about photography. We created the planner for other photography entrepreneurs like us, who want to get organised, focused and motivated. We hope it helps spark something in other photographers like it did for us.

The planner was built from their experience of running their own photography businesses alongside juggling busy family life – which they know is VERY relatable! So the planner was created in order to assist anyone and everyone in the photography community, who is looking for a place to collect their thoughts, plans, tasks and to-do lists, to create calm and composure amongst the storm!

“We started work on the planner in 2020 when our professional photography work ground to a temporary halt in the first lockdown!
We had always wanted to create something together professionally, and we finally had an opportunity where we had some time to be creative outside our businesses and not just in them.”
You can snap up your copy today and start 2023 with an injection of style and order here…at the PHOX SHOP
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