The Guild offers an incredible package for Windows, Mac and Linux -

  • Back-Up protection for up to 4 devices
  • Back up External Drives too
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage is included
  • Data is backed up every 15 minutes
  • Data is stored in EMEA (meaning the process is quicker)
  • The service includes Versioning (Versioning allows you to back up to a previous version of a file/photograph you may have been working on from days or weeks ago)
  • DIRECT Support is included
  • The service gives "End to End" Security so you are protected even when uploading
  • Also included is additional protection against the dreaded Ransomware
  • The system is very simple to use - it just runs in the background

This package is incredible value and offers total piece of mind for just an extra £29.50 (+VAT) per YEAR (less than 10p per day).

Commencement of this Back-Up service occurs on a bi-monthly basis, not on the date of joining. Please contact the office if you want to know when the next 'go live' date is,