This amazing workshop will encompass both Studio and Location flash. The day will Start in the studio where we will discuss and demo various lighting options for use in the studio and also on location, Which modifiers to use for different subjects and locations. The studio part of the day will cover both Natural light Portraiture and Flash, showing the techniques used to achieve award winning images using one light, progressing onto 2 and 3 light setups that can be replicated with ease.

Onto the location part of the workshop, Speedlights can be portable and may be all you need, larger battery packs although heavier and less portable give more power and more options for controlling the light with ambient and flash balance. Another option is continuous light via various types of video and broadcast lighting, all of these options will be discussed and demoed and made available for you to use.

You will learn:

  • Studio lighting, Create amazing images with just one light.

  • Natural light portraiture and modifying to create beautiful soft light.

  • Speedlights and various suitable modifiers. They have limitations but may be all you need.

  • How to use Battery power packs

  • Modifiers for use outdoors and indoors 

  • Light and Ambient balancing for drama or simply to subtlety improve the lighting without it being obvious flash was used.

  • Light placement the DO"s and DON'TS to give amazing professional results

  • Which equipment to use for any given environment and situation.

Karl's Training Philosophy: Whilst its true there are many many photographers offering training, Karl's approach is unique and is based around keeping it very real and even could be said simple. So many people attend workshops but then fail to be able to replicate what they have been taught for various reasons, it could be that it wasn't  explained well enough, or in an over complicated way, the setup or skill is simply unattainable without 3 assistants and 6 lights etc, or maybe the whole thing was set up for you and this lack of hands on meant the new skills simply did not sink in. Karl gets all involved, keeps the group small and insists that the attendees think for themselves, start to problem solve from the outset, no question is to small or in significant. Everyone is equal on Karl's training days, no matter the experience or lack of it, everyone helps each other and definitely NO egos's allowed!

On arrival and mid afternoon there will be refreshments on offer and also a light lunch will be included in the price