"EXCELLENCE"/ˈɛks(ə)l(ə)ns/ noun

1.the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. "awards for excellence"


distinction, quality, high quality, superiority, brilliance, greatness, merit, calibre, eminence, pre-eminence, supremacy, peerlessness, transcendence, value, worth;

skill, talent, genius, virtuosity, accomplishment, expertness, mastery, prowess, ability;

This one day programme will cover EXCELLENCE - - in awards, in qualification in attitude, in preparation, in delivering and in PHOTOGRAPHY. A 'heavy' day title, and we are delighted to have 2 of our industry's leading photographers together for one day at Loxley Colour HQ in Glasgow namely Kevin Pengelly & Gavin Prest.

Kevin Pengelly has been a working wedding photographer for 20 years and in that time, has achieved levels of 'excellence' from a multitude of associations and industry suppliers. Having shot over 2000 weddings and still averaging 60-70 weddings a year, Kevin is well placed to educate and help you achieve YOUR excellence.

Gavin Prest decided that he HAD to follow his heart, change his life and work very hard to become one of this country's most sought after portrait photographers. Known for his 'stop you in your tracks' black and white images that make you think 'what is happening here' Gavin hold a multitude of titles and awards and is also a sought-after presenter and speaker.

Coming together to deliver a "day of excellence' Kevin and Gavin will cover so much across the day including:

  1. The art of award winning image
  2. The preparation of qualification panels.
  3. The finesse of creation.
  4. Believing you CAN do it.
  5. Building concrete strategy & plans.
  6. Going ALL OUT and working hard.
  7. Bench marking yourself against the best Excellence can be achieved in all you do, let Kevin and Gavin give you their secrets and tips on how to achieve this.

Join us for this exciting and enlightening day and come away with the kick start and inspiration you need to make 2019 the best motivational and photography year ever.

Cost is just £39 for Guild members, or £49 for non-members (including a light lunch)..

To receive the discount as a member, just email the office and ask for the discount code for the courses!

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