A seminar with Claire Elliott, showing an insight into how she creates, refines and produces her award winning imagery in the field of Newborn and Baby Photography.

She will explain her thought processes behind the styling, show you how to refine your posing, tackle basic editing skills and finally produce artwork to be proud of!

About Claire..

Claire studied graphic design, photography and fine art before finally deciding that photography was her calling. She turned professional in 2001 and her exceptional skill as a photographer of newborn's, toddlers and families soon became obvious.

She is a Craftsman with the Guild and has achieved one of the highest scores to date in the international Image of the Month competition. Her natural capability to get young people to engage with her is her 'trademark' - indeed her gift! Claire is by nature, one of life's giver's, and she genuinely wants to help others to fulfil their dreams through photography, just as she feels she has!