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Datacolor® and Picture Instruments Collaborate to Offer Exclusive MASTER MATCH Webinar Series on Colour Matching!


As many of our members know, Datacolor® is a global leader in colour management solutions. They are thrilled to announce a dynamic partnership with Picture Instruments. They are a renowned developer of photo and video plug-ins, image editing software, and innovative photography products.


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This transformative online event has been designed to enhance colour matching techniques for images and videos. Starting from the 14th September 2023, this extensive webinar series has been designed for photographers, videographers and creative enthusiasts. If you are looking to boost your colour mastery skills then this is the webinar for you! The best part of it is…its completely free!

Led by acclaimed experts in the field such as Datacolor expert Boris Bergmann and MASTER MATCH creator Robin Ochs, this series will be spread over three engaging sessions.

Webinar Dates and Topics:

  1. Thursday, September 14th, 2023: Neutral Matching of Camera Colors for eCommerce and Repro Photography
  • Establishing a calibrated workflow
  • Proper illumination and positioning of the colour chart
  • Utilising reference colours in MASTER MATCH
  • Choosing between RAW and JPG formats
  • Implementing colour correction in software like Lightroom and Capture One
  • Application of colour correction in video editing tools such as Premiere, After Effects, or FCPX


  1. Tuesday, September 19th, 2023: Matching Multiple Photo and Video Cameras Including Log Footage
  • Achieving consistent looks across different cameras for photographers, especially in weddings
  • Handling image films and video clips shot with diverse cameras
  • Creating a uniform aesthetic in personal photo books
  • Transferring the look of one camera to other images or videos


  1. Wednesday, September 27th, 2023: Tips and Tricks for Spyder Checkr and MASTER MATCH – Troubleshooting and Creative Applications
  • Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of different Spyder Checkr models
  • Error avoidance during shooting
  • Addressing colour correction challenges when individual colour targets are inaccurately displayed
  • Colour adjustments without altering brightness/contrast
  • Custom colour adjustment templates in MASTER MATCH
  • Handling situations when Spyder Checkr isn’t utilised


So what are you waiting for! Registration is open now, why not join Datacolor and elevate your colour matching expertise! Taking part in this transformative webinar series is free and will provide you with the chance to learn directly from seasoned industry professionals and help you to enhance your colour matching skills for videos and images. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an enthusiast this series will give you invaluable insights that will hugely impact your creative projects.

For more information and to register visit Datacolor’s webinar page HERE


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