Spyder Checkr Video! Check out Datacolor’s New Product

Datacolor's colour checker for photographers to check colour profiles on computers and cameras

Datacolour Launches New Member to the Spyder Family – The Spyder Checkr!


Our friends over at Datacolor are proud to introduce a new member to The Spyder family as they launch The Spyder Checkr Video!

Colour Reference Tool

This is a cutting edge colour reference tool that works with video vectorscopes, waveform monitors and a variety of professional video editing software to ensure accurate video colour and exposure.


The Spyder Checkr Video also has the ability to efficiently and precisely colour calibrate more camera lens combinations to ensure that colour accuracy is there from the start of shooting. This will help to streamline the post production workflow for a seamless video editing experience!



The Spyder Checkr Video has been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand! This aims to reduce fatigue and handling errors while shooting and will also prevent fingers casting shadows! The portable system comes with 5 high gloss target cards, a 22 step gradient grey scale card, a solid , neutral grey card for white balance and a focus star card plus a protective case! The colour pattern card also includes 12 colour patches in a unique configuration with a centre block grey and white patch plus 6 skin tone tiles!



“When designing The Spyder Checkr Video, our goal was to create a portable and user friendly colour reference chart that would set a new benchmark in the industry” said Casey Krugman, product manager at Datacolor. “With the first of it’s kind advanced colour reference tool, Datacolor is providing quick and impeccable colour accuracy whether you’re on the go or working on location.”



When viewed through a vectorscope, the patent pending Spyder Checkr Video Colour Pattern Card creates a circular pattern of colours allowing users to see all of the colours being captured, not just primary and secondary hues at a glance. This precise, nuanced colour information is intuitive and easy to understand for both vidoe novices and professionals alike.


The Spyder Checkr Video is available to buy now for £139, get yours HERE

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