Calibration matters – take advantage of the Datacolor Summer Sale

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Any photographer or printing lab knows the importance of calibration – it’s essential!

Here, at the Guild of Photographers we assess up to 18,000 competition images per year from around the globe, and every month during our long history we have seen great images that could score so highly let down by poor calibration. Having correctly calibrated equipment is so essential especially if images are to be printed. Colour alibration is critical to ensuring your images always look accurate and consistent across all your devices.

We personally use who we consider to be the market leaders – Datacolor®! Our office uses their devices and find them easy to use and so easy to use. We would highly recommend them hence we are sharing details of their amazing Summer sale!

Datacolor®, are a globally leading company in color management solutions. With Datacolor’s color management solutions, users are well-equipped to edit images, print photos, or produce fine art products.
From monitor calibration to camera calibration and home printer profiling, the Spyder product family offers a solution for all use cases, ensuring accurate and consistent colour reproduction. In short they are essential kit for any photographer (or videographer).

As part of the current summer offers, Datacolor is offering their colour management tools at significantly discounted prices.

The Spyder X Elite is a monitor calibration for experts, professional photographers, and videographers. It’s designed for professional photographers and videographers, designers, and content creators who
operate multiple monitors with one or multiple computers. The price, in their sale has been reduced from £239 to just £139!

The Spyder Checkr Photo is the camera calibration tool for photographers. It features Datacolor’s most extensive selection of color targets with a unique, ultra-matte surface for
unparalleled color accuracy and depth. It is ideal for flawless, natural-looking skin tones and perfect product and brand colors, with HSL presets for Adobe Lightroom Classic®, Adobe Camera RAW®,
or Hasselblad Phocus®. What’s more it now includes a voucher worth €149 for the color matching software MASTER MATCH (£178.80 instead of £ 310.80) from Picture Instruments. This allows
for color matching across different camera systems. For more details on MASTER MATCH, please visit the Picture Instruments website. The Summer Sale price is £79.99 instead of £99.99.

Datacolor also produce the Spyder X Photo Kit which has to be the color management kit for image optimization. It includes everything needed for precise colors, depth, and details from capture to digital post-
processing: monitor calibration with Spyder X Elite and color matching of a camera or entire camera systems in photography and video with Spyder Checkr 24. The Spyder Checkr 24 is implemented
for improved color matching in the popular video editing freeware Black Magic Da Vinci Resolve. This set includes the Spyder X Elite, Spyder Checkr 24 and Spyder Cube and is currently available for just £179 instead of £259.

Datacolor are also offering new product bundles at a discounted packaged pricing. Creatives, photographers, and designers who are interested in multiple products and want to streamline their workflow from capture to editing or from editing to print output will benefit from purchasing the new Spyder product bundles –

The Spyder X2 Elite + Spyder Checkr Photo Kit offers the latest Datacolor products for camera and monitor calibration, the Spyder Checkr Photo and the SpyderX2 Elite are now discounted to £279 instead of £349 when purchased individually.

For perfect print output, the new Spyder X2 Print Kit combines the Spyder X2 Elite for monitor calibration and the Spyder Print for profiling your own printer. Both products combined are available
for £379 compared to individual RRPs of £548.

Find our more about these amazing products and all the summer offers HERE

Datacolor are without doubt a global leader in color management solutions. They deliver software, devices and services that ensure color accuracy in materials, products and images. Leading global brands and
manufacturers, as well as creative professionals, have relied on Datacolor’s innovative solutions for 50 years to consistently deliver the right colors. We wouldn’t use anyone else and recommend them to others!

Incidently, members of the Guild of Photographers have a unique discount arrangement with Datacolor too – If you would like to find out more about the Guild of Photographers? Check out the Guild’s website –