Benefit from the fact that should you ever lose your data you have priority support from a global leader in data recovery- and at discounted rates!

We all know the importance of the data and footage you shoot, either for yourself or for that important client. Should the unthinkable happen and you lose your data, whether it be by deleting the wrong file or formatting the wrong card, seeing the dreaded 'card error' message, or worse still your card becomes corrupted and unreadable we can help you.

The Guild has linked in with LC Technology, a global leader in data recovery whose mission is designed to help clients resolve catastrophic problems, either with their award winning software, used in over 100 countries, or by their in-house recovery service in their labs in the UK and USA. Their reputation is second to none in this field, as noted by their many happy customers, awards, articles in the media, and the fact they are recommended by SanDisk.

In brief, they know their stuff and their labs include the best direct chip reading capabilities available in the world, so if anyone can recover your data its these guys and they are just a click or call away.

Clearly, we hope that you never need their services but should the situation ever arise LC Technology will give Guild members a 'priority service' with the quickest possible turnaround, plus any software purchases will be discounted!!

The services on offer through them include -

* Free software testing, which will allow you to see if your data is recoverable by you using software.

* Free support, speak to a real data recovery expert during your test or for advice on your data loss, by phone or online.

* A professional data recovery service. Should your data loss be more serious than software cannot resolve then the in-house service may help.

As a Guild member using these services you will –

* Be assisted with data recovery by the experts, ensuring everything possible is done to recover the valuable data.
* Receive a priority service in their recovery labs, ensuring the quickest possible turn around to get you back on track.
* Receive a discount on software purchases. For data recovery tools, and other useful utilities.

So, you will be saving £££'s as well as having the best hope of recovering your data and support from the experts.

What to do if you have an issue -

* Should you require their services please contact them direct in the first instance to see how best to proceed with your situation. You can call them on 0044 (0) 115 704 3306 or email
* If there is a software based solution to your issue use the code GUILD2013 to get a 15% discount off the purchase.
* If it is found that you need their professional data recovery service it is important that you use this form to ensure you get the Guild members Priority service

To find out more about LC-Tech visit their website