3XM’s Virtual Showroom!

Now, you’ve hopefully visited some trade shows already – if not there is no need to feel like you’re missing out! 

3XM will help you to get that tradeshow buzz by visiting their Virtual Showroom! Just follow this link: https://www.3xmsolution.com/showroom/index.php and you’ll be there!

You can navigate through using your mouse, clicking on the different options to see products, you can ask questions, make savings and see which product is right for you!

3XM are well known for their stunning Folio boxes and it is easy to see why – take a look!!

Did you know that 3XM CEO Ronan Ryle runs a Business course with us? It’s free to access for all of our members and is a fully comprehensive course with workbooks to fill in and webinars to watch. We also have a supportive online community which is a safe space to ask questions that Ronan jumps in to answer regularly too. You’ll finish the course feeling like a different person, with clear goals, plans in place and eager to achieve your own success! If you’d like to more, please get in touch with our Events & Trade Manager Rebekah, on Rebekah@photoguild.co.uk.

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